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We are happy to continue our collaboration with Filmverkstaden which provides a unique experience to AMPI participants. A special journey to Vaasa for love of analogue film!

Under the crises of the pandemic, we are trying new ways to continue the journey that we started together with our participants. Without the passion and aspiration of AMPI  participants for analogue film this collaboration wouldn’t be possible. 

On March 25th, 26th, and 27th, the Academy of Moving People & Images co-organized a study trip to Vaasa to visit our collaborators at Filmverkstaden where AMPI participants learned about the process of working with analogue.  Britt Al-Busultan shared with the participants their knowledge of workflow, possibilities, equipment, and basic 16mm filmmaking.

Founded in 2010, Filmverkstaden has established itself as a knowledge centre for experimental audiovisual art. It offers working facilities, guidance and knowledge through hands-on workshops. Filmverkstaden is also an art residency for Nordic and Baltic artists, and functions as a platform for Finnish and international artists alike, in both Finland and abroad. 

Filmverkstaden has a unique darkroom with all the basic needs for analogue film and photo processing where it is possible to work with the physicality of the medium, through chemical manipulation, printing and re-printing, in-camera effects or direct manipulation of the film material.

Filmverkstaden’s vision is to preserve, maintain and innovate analogue film for future generations by providing facilities and knowledge exchange and to educate within the field of experimental audiovisual art; equally available to all, unbiased by gender, age, background or nationality.

The workshop was coordinated by talented AMPI Production Coordinator Mariangela Pluchino.

Photos by Mariangela Pluchino.