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Jaakko Kiljunen

Jaakko Kiljunen (MA) is a professional Finnish actor with an international career. He graduated with an MA from the St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy in 2009, and his post-graduate studies include a one year course with the Theater Group SITI-Company, New York. Kiljunen has versatile experiences working in various film, TV, and theatre productions. He has worked in Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Portugal, Italy, Greece and the USA, acting in Finnish, English and Russian. In Finland, he is best known for his charismatic roles in popular TV shows Korpelan Kujanjuoksu and Pirunpelto, produced by YLE, the Finnish National Broadcasting Company. In addition, Kiljunen is an experienced acting coach and teacher who specialises in the Suzuki method for acting, and the Viewpoints technique.