AMPI + Writing

A 4-day workshop led by Aino Suni and Jan Forsström took place on 2nd, 3d, 4h and 5th of May at Cultural Center Caisa, Italian Institute and Design Museum.

AMPI + Producing

A three-day workshop on Producing with Mete Sasioglu took place in on 18-20th April at Globe Art Point.

AMPI + Assistant Directing

4-day workshop took place in collaboration with Blockbusters Gang on 24-27th April at Caisa and Goethe Institute.

AMPI + Cinematography Masterclass

The one-day masterclass on cinematgraphy of The Woodcutter Story (2022, Mikko Myllylahti, Aamu Film Company) at Kino K-13.

AMPI + Acting

A four-day workshop on Acting with Jaakko Kiljunen took place on the 30th, 31st of March and 3d, 4th of April at TEAK.

AMPI + Directing Actors

The two-day workshop on Directing Actors with Ville Jankeri

AMPI + Creative Writing & Editing

Four-day workshop on Creative Writing & Editing with Jonas Rothlaender and Jerem Tonteri

AMPI+ DOGME 95 Workshop

As part of AMPI+ we organized a Dogme 95 workshop which focused on scriptwriting & directing led by Erol Mintas and cinematography & lighting led by Christopher L. Thomas. The workshop took place online and face to face training. In this workshop participants had the chance to develop their filmmaking skills under the Covid-19 circumstances by taking the Dogme-95 as an approach to explore and experiment with storytelling.

AMPI+ Scripting Workshop

Advanced Scriptwriting Workshop was led by Erol Mintas and Mikko Viljanen and took place at the Finnish Film Foundation. It focused on the foundational elements of writing a screenplay. The participants came with their ready short scripts; a rough draft or a first draft. The approach of the Scriptwriting Advanced Workshop was to try and understand filmmakers intentions by listening to their ideas verbally and reading their materials carefully; logline, synopsis, treatment, writer intention and the script.

AMPI+ Acting Workshop

AMPI Advanced: Acting Workshop was led by Jemina Sillanpää, Sherwan Haji and Jaakko Kiljunen, it took place at HIAP-Helsinki International Artist Programme and University of Arts Helsinki, Theatre Academy.