Helen Aleksandrova

AMPI + Writing

A 4-day workshop led by Aino Suni and Jan Forsström took place on 2nd, 3d, 4h and 5th of May at Cultural Center Caisa, Italian Institute and Design Museum.


In 2021, the Academy of Moving People and Images (AMPI) and the Berlinale-European Film Market: Fiction Toolbox Programme started their partnership supported by the Goethe-Institut Finnland and as part of this collaboration AMPI alumna Jelica Jerenic participated the programme in 2022 . In 2023, the participation in EFM and the trip to Berlinale was supported by AVEK.  The recipient of the

AMPI + Producing

A three-day workshop on Producing with Mete Sasioglu took place in on 18-20th April at Globe Art Point.

AMPI + Assistant Directing

4-day workshop took place in collaboration with Blockbusters Gang on 24-27th April at Caisa and Goethe Institute.


In 2021, Academy Moving People and Images (AMPI) and Finnish Film Affair (FFA) started a collaboration for a new residency programme. As part of the residency, FFA provides an ‘industry residency scheme’ for a filmmaker from AMPI alums. This unique residency opportunity offers the participant a chance to develop industry-related skills, skills that a filmmaker needs once they start attending film markets and promoting their talent. The participant can follow FFA’s programme, showcase day, and network at the event.

AMPI + Cinematography Masterclass

The one-day masterclass on cinematgraphy of The Woodcutter Story (2022, Mikko Myllylahti, Aamu Film Company) at Kino K-13.

AMPI + Writing with Aino Suni and Jan Forsström

THIS CALL NOW IS CLOSED! Please check out our other AMPI+ calls! During a 4-day workshop led by Aino Suni and  Jan Forsström, you’ll develop and review your ideas and discover new ones for your films. PART-1 Aino’s class is 101 on how to come up with ideas. It includes practical methods of how to

AMPI + Acting

A four-day workshop on Acting with Jaakko Kiljunen took place on the 30th, 31st of March and 3d, 4th of April at TEAK.

AMPI + Directing Actors

The two-day workshop on Directing Actors with Ville Jankeri

AMPI +  Assistant Directing Workshop by Iiris Orasmaa

THIS CALL NOW IS CLOSED! Please check out our other AMPI+ calls! This AMPI+ workshop will take place in collaboration with Blockbusters Gang (BBG)-AD Bootcamp (https://blockbustersgang.com/bbg-ad-bootcamp/) and during the workshop participant will be introduced to the duties of 2nd and 3rd AD teams.  The workshop aims to give a better understanding of the work of