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AMPI + Writing

Photos by Riband Saadallah

A 4-day workshop led by Aino Suni and  Jan Forsström took place on 2nd, 3d, 4h and 5th of May at Cultural Center Caisa, Italian Institute and Design Museum.

The workshop consisted of 2 parts.


Aino’s class is 101 on how to come up with ideas. It includes practical methods of how to collect observations and develop them thematically whilst exploring your own thinking and experiences. Many times we approach storytelling by first coming up with the plot but that can make the stories rather superficial. The aim is to switch perspective to think more broadly about where ideas come from and offer practical solutions and tools – don’t just wait for inspiration to strike you like lightning, take control!


Jan will speak about the rhetorics of screenwriting, meaning how to address the audience and the role of the audience in general; how to make the audience your willing co-writer. Jan will also speak about the ethics of screenwriting and narrative, the dangers and challenges involved, and how challenging yourself in this sense will actually help you make your scripts better. These topics will be discussed in relation to the ideas developed in the first part of the workshop led by Aino. 


Tamara Aalto, Daniel Gorsky, Mariia Solodiankina, Daniel Mayer, Roxana Sadvokassova

Link to documentation by Riband Saadallah https://www.flickr.com/photos/academyofmovingpeopleandimages/albums/72177720306537753