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Filmverkstaden: ANALOGUE FILM WORKSHOP / 2022

On April 20th,21st and 22nd. Academy of Moving People & Images co-organized a study trip to Vaasa to visit our collaborators at Filmverkstaden where our Third generation of AMPI participants learned about the process of working with analogue film.

The participants had a creative writing session in Helsinki with Erol Mintas to develop their creative ideas before going to Vaasa. After that they went to Vaasa to visit Filmverkstaden and learned about the process of working with analogue. Britt Al-Busultan shared with the participants the knowledge of workflow, possibilities, equipment, and basic 16mm filmmaking. After the workshops, participants filmed their short ideas together.

The workshops and trips were coordinated by AMPI Coordinator Helen Aleksandrova.

The trip to Vaasa was kindly supported by Goethe Institut Finnland and Lena Kingelin from there visited the workshop in Vaasa.

The workshop was kindly supported by TAIKE.

The photos are by AMPI Production Coordinator Mariangela Pluchino.