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AMPI + Creative Writing & Editing with Jonas Rothlaender and Jerem Tonteri


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Creative Writing by Jonas Rothlaender

The goal of the workshop is to deepen the craft of making films by relying on intuition and rather react spontaneously rather than planning and thinking too thoroughly (and therefore censoring ideas) about it in advance. By that, adapting and adjusting on the fly will be enhanced. 

In this short but intense workshop which is for a maximum  of 5 people, the participants will come up with ideas in a creative writing workshop, which they then will transfer to a script and shoot as a short fiction film of a maximum of 5 minutes*.

***Participants have to self-organize everything e.g. actors, crew, and location if needed themselves. It’s not so much about shooting the perfect-looking film but seeing it more as an exercise to practice.

After that, the editing of the film begins with Jerem Tonteri. 

 Creative Editing by Jerem Tonteri

During the creative editing process we will mainly focus on fiction filmmaking, the fiction script is “rewritten” using the existing audiovisual materials. Some decisions have already been made during the scriptwriting while the participants attended the creative writing workshop and during the shootings. Now it is the final stage! 

The question is what do you have in the material – not what you should have had? Our goal is to find “the best” from the material, put it together, and create something whole with some kind of a beginning, middle, and end. The most important things are the rhythm and the actors’ work, what we need to do is keep going in a solid way and stay connected with the materials, which sometimes means we take overacting away or underacting to find the right rhythm. 

Days of the workshop: 6.02 (Mon), 10.02 (Fri), 13.02 (Mon), 14.02 (Tue), 28.02 (Tue)

Location: Caisa and SES 

Max. amount: 5 people

Technical Requirements: camera or a phone with a camera to shoot the exercise, working laptop, editing software (preferably Premiere Pro*). *It is recommended to work with Adobe Premiere Pro (free trial or full version) if  you work with different editing software – it is expected from you to know how it works technically.

Participation Requirements: having basic experience in writing, directing, shooting, and editing. Basic knowledge of editing software. Having their own computer, a phone that record video and sound. If participants have their professional equipment, they are welcome to use that equipment. 

Materials and Selection: 

A short motivation letter (half a page max.), previous works (max. 3 links), CV as 1 single PDF to coordinator.ampi@gmail.com by 30.01.2023 23:59 PM.

Schedule of the workshops:

  • First-Day 06.02 (3 hours: 10:00 – 13:00):  Jonas meets with participants at Caisa
    • Jonas gives assignments → After the workshop participants should write their script 
  • During the next 3 days participants work on their own. 
  • Second Day 10.02 (3 hours: 10:00 – 13:00): Jonas meets with participants at SES
    •  Giving feedback on the scripts 
  •  Participants have 2,5 days off in order to update the script and shoot the film, the final film has to be 5 minutes, and raw materials are supposed to max 30 minutes. 
  • Third Day 13.02 (3 hours: 10:00 – 13:00): Jerem meets with participants at SES
    • Participants come with their laptops and software  
    • Participants have prior experience in editing software
    • Jerem gives assignments.
  • Fourth-Day 14.02 (3 hours: 10:00 – 13:00): Jerem meets with participants at SES
  • Participants come with their laptops and software.
  • Fifth Day 28.02  (2 hours: 10:00 – 12:00): watching final results together at SES