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AMPI + Assistant Directing

Photo by Diego James

4-day workshop took place in collaboration with Blockbusters Gang (BBG)-AD Bootcamp (https://blockbustersgang.com/bbg-ad-bootcamp/) on 24-27th April at Caisa and Goethe Institute.

The workshop aims to give a better understanding of the work of the Assistant Directors by diving into the duties and responsibilities of the 2nd and 3rd Assistant Directors. Participants will be introduced better to the concept of Assistant Directing, the workflow of the AD team, the tools and mindset needed to handle the department’s pressure, and the  concrete work with different production documents.

The workshop will be led by Iiris Orasmaa and formed around 4 days during which the participants will listen to the lectures, have discussions with professionals and start their independent work on the production documents. Besides Iiris, the workshop will have Assistant Director Olli Kasper on board giving insights into call sheets and the scheduling process, and Casting Director / 3rd Assistant Director Pia Nurmi will be joining the workshop as a guest lecturer and sharing their first-hand experiences with the participants. 

Participants: Mariangela Pluchino, Roxana Sadvokassova, Teresa Siltanen, Hussain Kazemian, Nikzad Hadi

Link to documentation by Diego James https://www.flickr.com/photos/academyofmovingpeopleandimages/albums/72177720306537753