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AMPI +  Assistant Directing Workshop by Iiris Orasmaa


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This AMPI+ workshop will take place in collaboration with Blockbusters Gang (BBG)-AD Bootcamp (https://blockbustersgang.com/bbg-ad-bootcamp/) and during the workshop participant will be introduced to the duties of 2nd and 3rd AD teams. 

The workshop aims to give a better understanding of the work of the Assistant Directors by diving into the duties and responsibilities of the 2nd and 3rd Assistant Directors. Participants will be introduced better to the concept of Assistant Directing, the workflow of the AD team, the tools and mindset needed to handle the department’s pressure, and the  concrete work with different production documents.

The workshop will be led by Iiris Orasmaa and formed around 4 days during which the participants will listen to the lectures, have discussions with professionals and start their independent work on the production documents. Besides Iiris, the workshop will have Assistant Director Olli Kasper on board giving insights into call sheets and the scheduling process, and Casting Director / 3rd Assistant Director Pia Nurmi will be joining the workshop as a guest lecturer and sharing their first-hand experiences with the participants. 

Short Bios:

Bio Iiris Orasmaa

Iiris Orasmaa is a 1st Assistant Director known for productions such as “Black Crab”, “Memory of Water” and “The Gravedigger’s Wife”. As a 1st AD Iiris is known to be strict yet kind. Besides her passion for details and strong on-set attitude she always prioritizes safe and equal working conditions for all. Iiris in her element when resolving emergency situations and coordinating complex scenes and schedules – and considers AD’s job as being the glue holding together creative vision, production and its crew and cast.  https://blockbustersgang.com/iiris-orasmaa-eng/

Bio Olli Kasper:

Olli Kasper is a 2nd Assistant Director known for productions such as “Sisu”, “Transport” and “Poromafia”. Though Olli’s skillset is suitable for many job titles he has mainly focused on 2nd AD’ing. He typically works on productions when there’s a need for a solid, independent 2nd who takes over all scheduling during shoot. With his experience from locations and logistics Olli is a great asset for everyone in the production office making sure information flows from one department to another. He has been widely liked as a team mate – it’s not rare to have productions requesting for Olli above anyone else. https://blockbustersgang.com/olli-kasper/ 

Bio Pia Nurmi:

Pia Nurmi is a Casting Director and 3rd Assistant Director known for productions such as “Poromafia”, “Kiljuset” and “Sisu”. Pia’s has her background in production services and worked in Spain for years and as a freelance production worker for all together hundreds of productions. Besides this she also has experience as a wardrobe stylist. The understanding and knowhow she’s gathered of these duties has made her a strong, hands-on worker with skills to manage extras and their casting process extremely well. If there’s a face for exclusive extras casting, it’s definitely Pia’s. She takes everything into account, from the shooting locations to costumes and make up department, lunch arrangements and continuity. https://blockbustersgang.com/pia-nurmi-eng/

Max. amount: 16

Technical Requirements: All participants should have access to a computer with basic documentation software (MS Office package). 

Participation Requirements: 

Being familiar with set roles in the film industry. Being on a film set in any position is an advantage. 

Materials and Selection: 

A short motivation letter (half a page max.), briefly describe your previous experience, CV as 1 single PDF to coordinator.ampi@gmail.com by 11.04. 23:59

Please name the PDF as follows:


  • Please name the subject of the email as ‘AMPI+  Open Call: AD Workshop”
  • Announcement of the selected participants is by the by 18.04

Days of the workshop: 24.04 (Mon), 25.04 (Tue), 26.04 (Wed), 27.04 (Thur)

Location: AMPI collaborator’s space

Day #1: 24.4. / 10:00-16:00 (5 hrs + lunch) at Caisa Auditorium, Kaikukatu 4

Assistant Directors department

  • different ways of forming an AD team
  • who does what? 
  • who reports to who?
  • what are the responsibilities of the ADs’?

Assistant Director’s workflow on a production

  • walkthrough of different stages of AD’s work
  • “the usual working schedule”: how do AD’s prep?
  • “the usual set protocols”: how do AD’s function on set?

Day #2: 25.4. / 10:00-16:00


  • On the 25th we will visit the Blockbusters Gang office as a “field trip” and have the workshop there. 
  • theories and discussion around communication
  • practical studies: emails, texts, phone calls, walkie discussions when on production
  • communication on set
  • communication with cast

Call sheets Pt. #1 

  • walkthrough of call sheets: what, why, how? 
  • basics of creating the call sheets 

Day #3: 26.4. / 10:00-16:00

Conflict management

  • theories and discussion of conflict management 
  • “usual problems and solutions”: what challenges occur on most of the productions and how to deal with them? 

Call sheets Pt. #2

  • performers, makeup, hair and costume schedule
  • department notes 

Day #4: 27.4. / 10:00-16:00

Working with extras 

  • “the usual on-set extras coordination”: what, why, how? 
  • basics of budgeting and breaking down extras from script 
  • basics of casting process
  • basics of managing the extras

Simple extras breakdown, budget, and casting calls 

  • demo of the documents needed on each production