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AMPI+ Lighting & Cinematography Workshop

AMPI Advanced: Lighting & Cinematography Workshop, was led by Christopher L. Thomas at Publics. Film production budgets are getting smaller and cinematographers are required to use less equipment while still maintaining a cinematic look. Simultaneously, the camera and lighting technology is evolving faster than ever. As a result, young cinematographers at the beginning of their careers have entered a working world far different from what they were trained for.

The aim of this workshop is to supplement the knowledge they have acquired with advanced and modern techniques. During the programme, we will explore modern approaches to cinematography that participants can employ to do more with less. The cinematography lectures will focus on the use of practical lighting, and the manipulation of natural light sources: techniques that have become high in demand in today’s fast-paced industry.

During the lectures, we will study low-budget films which successfully managed to achieve distinct cinematographic looks, followed by a breakdown of the techniques and strategies used. The participants will then use those techniques during exercises both inside and outside the lecture rooms.


Eren Öztekin ( b.1983,Turkey) is a videographer, video editor, creative producer and voice-over artist. Eren has versatile experiences working in various photography and video advertising productions. He has focused on educational documentaries, museum content making and food & drink adverts. He has worked in photography and video production for more than 10 years and is currently based in Helsinki and Istanbul.

Támara Aalto (b.1983 in Zaragoza, Spain) grew up in Spain and 4 years ago moved to Finland to rediscover a part of her roots. There, after pursuing studies in Sciences and Illustration, she found the moment to start to develop her career as a filmmaker. Mainly learning by doing and participating in several short film workshops, various lectures and courses. Recently she has started to write and direct her own stories. Different experiences in life made her interested in topics such as identity, roots, minorities, breaking stereotypes and feminism. Cinema is for her an empathy machine to connect people with.

Bach Nguyen is a self-taught filmmaker from the golden time of DSLRs. He started out as street and portrait photographer sending still photos to Vogue online magazine in 2013 ( and he still does) and gradually shifted to work with moving pictures. Often his main arena is commercial work, however recently he has started to tell longer story formats such as short films and documentaries through collaboration with different artists and filmmakers. He embraces darkness and shadows in lighting and loves to shoot anamorphic lenses.

Yanel Campos is a photographer and cinematographer based in Helsinki