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AMPI First Test-Workshop 2018

In June 2018—with the financial support and collaboration of TAIKE, Goethe-Institut Finland, and Perpetuum Mobile—our working group put a fee-free filmmaking test workshop into practice—a one-week intensive filmmaking workshop, directed by Erol Mintaş. The workshop was conceived as a hands-on course for three mobile female participants who were interested in film production. During the workshop, we tested the learning methods of the Academy of Moving People & Images by working closely with the participants; practising the basics of filmmaking on set while the participants made their own films; and performing all the essential roles in them, under the guidance of mobile filmmakers and Finnish film industry professionals.


Helena Aleksandrova / Ramina Habibollah / Samra Šabanović

Salla Sorri, Jonas Rothlaender / Directing

Eva Maria Koskinen / Scriptwriting

Erol Mintas / Script Development and Directing

Mikko Viljanen / Scriptwriting

Christopher L. Thomas / Lighting & Cinematography

Sherwan Haji / Acting: Directing your body as your tool

Kirsi Korhonen / Sound Recording & Editing

Inka Lahti / Image Editing: Rewriting with the images

See Test Workshop Documentation here