Erol Mintas

Cineuropa interviewed our Founder and Artistic Director Erol Mintaş about the practices and philosophy of the academy!

“We took the opportunity to speak to Erol Mintaş, founder and artistic director of the Academy of Moving People and Images (AMPI). The non-institutional academy, based in Helsinki, represents a commendable educational effort to make the film industry more inclusive. We found out more about the AMPI’s activities during our chat with the Kurdish filmmaker.” Davide Abbatescianni

Riikka Kuoppala

Legal & Financial Advisor

AMPI Listening Session: “Alternative Structures and Educational Models”

This event looks at ‘Alternative Structures and Educational Models’ where Maryan Abdulkarim talks about pain and trauma as entertainment and what they teach us, and Ahmet Öğüt ‘The Silent University / Towards a Transversal Pedagogy’ as a case study.

AMPI Advanced: DOGME 95 Workshop

As part of AMPI+ we organized a Dogme 95 workshop which focused on scriptwriting & directing led by Erol Mintas and cinematography & lighting led by Christopher L. Thomas. The workshop took place online and face to face training. In this workshop participants had the chance to develop their filmmaking skills under the Covid-19 circumstances by taking the Dogme-95 as an approach to explore and experiment with storytelling.

Helen Aleksandrova



On March 25th, 26th and 27th, Academy of Moving People & Images co-organized a study trip to Vaasa to visit our collaborators at Filmverkstaden where AMPI participants learned about the process of working with analogue. Britt Al-Busultan shared with the participants their knowledge of workflow, possibilities, equipment and basic 16mm filmmaking.

Announcing AMPI’s participants for the year 2021 & 2022

The Academy of Moving People & Images announcing its third generation! AMPI’s third open call was launched on December 21st, 2020. The open call lasted until January 31st, 2021. We received many wonderful applications, we shortlisted 22 people for the interview and eventually chose 9 to participate in AMPI’s 2021 & 2022 program. We are

James Nikander

James Nikander (b. 1990 in Turku, Finland) based in Helsinki is intrigued by the art of storytelling. A musician and an entertainer now seeking to cultivate his passion for screenwriting and filmmaking.

Surabhi Nadig

Surabhi Nadig (b. in 1992, Bangalore, India) moved to Helsinki for MA studies in Creative Sustainability at Aalto University. Nadig’s mediums of research-based storytelling have been with photography and writing, wants to make films to expand on what photographs cannot capture. 

Zahrah Ehsan

Zahrah Ehsan (b. 1988, in Dubai, UAE) is a visual artist and art educator from Lahore, Pakistan, and currently based in Espoo, Finland. In 2020, she completed a degree of Master of Arts in Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Arts from Aalto University, Finland. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts with Honours in 2012,